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Consumer products (food)

Consumer products (food) companies are active in social media and offer an impeccable digital product experience on their websites, which makes sense considering their business.

Consumer products (food) excels in social media and digital product experience but the poor performance in other digital dimensions means the industry stays among the least digitalized.

Valio puts the most effort into its digital marketing and mobile experience, ranking first this year. HKScan takes second place, outperforming the rest in supporting its customers online.  Fazer falls behind but seizes the opportunities in various social media channels more efficiently than the rest.

Consumer products (food) companies have put their efforts into only one digital dimension. They are really active in engaging customers in social media. They involve their followers in, for instance, creating recipes. Being active in social media helps create brand awareness, which is important when relying mainly on third-party merchants for sales.

But in digital marketing, digital product experience and in mobile they perform well below average.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Valio   6.75      
2 HKScan   6.25      
3 Fazer   6.25