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The average grade for energy companies drops slightly from last year. However, as a whole, the energy industry is still above the B2C average and ranks fifth this year.

Finnish energy companies have rather equal digital capabilities. Fortum wins this year, due to its digital marketing efforts, impeccable purchasing process and great mobile experience. Helen ranks second, coming only a few points behind Fortum. Helen is stronger in offering an outstanding digital product experience and enough support on its websites  to prevent customer churn.

Energy companies are the most developed digital marketers in Finland. This is important for attracting new customers to their websites. Energy companies are also well above the average in the e-commerce dimension, which contributes to making attracted customers purchase online. 

However, in all the other dimensions, Finnish energy companies are performing poorly. In particular, the industry lags behind others in the mobile experience. Social media provides another opportunity for energy companies, as they still perform badly there.


Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Fortum   7      
2 Helsingin Energia   6.75