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Forest industry

The forest industry ranks first within the B2B category.

The forest industry is the most digitally advanced within B2B, ranking even above some B2C industries. This is mainly due to improved mobile capabilities. The differences between the forest industry companies are small.

Stora Enso becomes the most advanced B2B company this year by improving its performance within all the digital dimensions. UPM ranks second and Metsä Group third. The latter, however, offers the best digital product and mobile experience. 

The forest industry excels in mobile, where it ranks third just below bank and telecom. The forest companies are relatively strong in e-commerce, for instance, by emphasizing lead capture forms on their websites.

However, the efforts have mainly gone into the mobile platforms, as the digital product experience on their websites is much poorer. 

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Stora Enso   7      
2 UPM   6.75      
3 Metsä Group   6.25