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Gas retail

Gas retailers have improved the digital capabilities that are most important for their business.

Gas retailers have improved the visibility of their product information and store location, which is important considering their business. Some improvements can also be seen in online customer service.

The overall digital performance is poor, although it still varies greatly between gas retailers.

Neste Oil ranks first due to improved support on its websites  and the most active presence in social media of the gas retailers. St1 takes second place and is the strongest digital marketer. ABC falls clearly behind in all the digital dimensions.

Gas retailers have previously been strong in digital product experience, which has further improved this year due to the increased visibility of product information and store location.

Gas retailers perform well below average in all the other dimensions. The industry could improve especially in digital marketing and in social media, which helps build brand awareness and has an effect on customers’ choices.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Neste Oil   7      
2 ST1   6.5      
3 ABC   5.75