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Health care

On average, health care companies in Finland are the least digitalized. The poor performance is surprising, as it would be more efficient to handle appointments and customer support online. Even some procedures, such as routine inspections, could be performed online. The health care industry is moving online, but the question is who will be the first to exploit these opportunities?

Terveystalo and Mehiläinen have developed their digital capabilities further than their peer, Attendo. Although their digital marketing leaves a lot of room for improvement, Terveystalo and Mehiläinen offer an adequate digital product and mobile experience. Furthermore, Terveystalo has great e-commerce and e-CRM capabilities in place. Attendo has to improve in all the digital dimensions, especially in e-CRM and in supporting its customers online.

Health care companies perform below average in all the digital dimensions. 

The most worrying aspect is the poor performance in e-CRM and in e-commerce. It seems that the health care companies are unable to serve their customers online in the ways consumers are used to.



Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Terveystalo   6.25      
2 Mehiläinen   6      
3 Attendo   4.5