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The insurance companies do not stand out in any of the digital dimensions.

This year’s poorer performance in all the digital dimensions drags the insurance industry below the top 10.

There are major differences between the insurers. LähiTapiola ranks first again this year, scoring 7. Although the insurer wins in only one dimension, its solid performance in all the digital dimensions outweighs the rest. IF comes next with a 7- grade. The company offers the best shopping experience on its websites  but struggles to offer an adequate mobile experience. Pohjola falls behind due to its lack of digital marketing, and Fennia should develop in all the digital dimensions to improve its ranking for next year.

Insurers are rather active digital marketers, and they rank fifth in the digital marketing dimension.

Unfortunately, digital marketing remains the only strong dimension. The second-strongest dimension is e-commerce, where Finnish insurers barely rank in the top 10. Considering their business, insurers should put particular effort into developing their e-CRM capabilities, which contributes to serving customers and solving their problems efficiently online.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Lähitapiola   7      
2 IF   6.75      
3 Pohjola   6.5      
4 Fennia   5.75