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Other B2C companies seem to be outperforming the long-time frontrunner.

Media companies are falling behind due to their inability to keep up with the latest best practices set by the digital forerunners.

Helsingin Sanomat ranks first this year due to its outstanding digital product experience, which outperforms all other Nordic companies in the study. Yle ranks second. The public media house offers the best mobile experience of all the Finnish media companies and is the most active in various social media channels. Kauppalehti and Nelonen fall behind mainly because of their poor performance in digital marketing.

On average, media does not stand out in any of the digital dimensions. The industry scores slightly above average in digital marketing, digital product experience and social media capabilities.

Media still has a lot of opportunities to unlock in mobile. The industry’s mobile experience barely ranks in the top 10. The poor performance comes as a surprise, as customers are increasingly reading news on mobile devices.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Helsingin Sanomat   7.25      
2 Yle   7.25      
3   7      
4 Iltalehti   6.75      
5 Ilta-Sanomat   6.5      
6 Kauppalehti   6.5      
7 Nelonen   6.25