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Passenger transportation

The grade for passenger transportation falls for the second year in a row.

Although passenger transportation ranks third this year, the industry’s grades keep falling. The industry needs to improve tremendously in Finland in order to survive the competition.

Finnair’s grades fall from last year and it barely retains first place. VR ranks second but outperforms Finnair in digital marketing and e-CRM. Finnair still offers a better online shopping experience, which has become increasingly important for flight companies in order not to lose the customer interface to aggregator websites.

Finnish passenger transportation companies are relatively strong in e-CRM, digital product experience and social media, where they rank fourth, fifth and fourth, respectively.

The industry players could still improve in the e-commerce and mobile dimensions, where they barely make the top 10. E-commerce capabilities are important in order not to lose competition to aggregators and low-cost providers, such as Norwegian or OnniBus. 

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 Finnair   7      
2 VR   7