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Retailers have developed strong e-commerce capabilities to survive against international competition.

This year, we have evaluated 10 retail companies. These companies still need to improve their digital capabilities to remain competitive against their international rivals.

As a whole, the retail companies’ digital performance varies greatly in each dimension. A newcomer, K-Rauta, takes the lead with impeccable e-commerce and e-CRM capabilities. IKEA and follow closely behind K-Rauta. is especially strong in digital marketing, while IKEA outperforms the rest with its mobile offering.

Tokmanni and Citymarket  (non-grocery) fall behind with their poor performances in digital marketing and their e-commerce capabilities.

On average, e-commerce is the retail companies’ most developed dimension. Finnish retailers are rather well-equipped for coping with international competition. However, the performance of Finnish retailers in the dimension varies greatly.

In the mobile and social media dimensions, the industry ranks below the top 10. Retailers in Finland should utilize social media, not just for attracting customers but also as a sales channel. More and more consumers are buying products with mobile devices, but Finnish retailers provide an insufficient shopping experience compared with international rivals.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

1 K-Rauta   7.25      
2 IKEA   7.25      
3   7      
4 Gigantti   7      
5 Stockmann   7      
6 H&M   6.75      
7 XXL   6.75      
8 Prisma (non-grocery)   6.75      
9 Tokmanni   6.75      
10 Citymarket (non-grocery)   5