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Telecom companies were forced to adopt digital capabilities early, and they are still leading the pack.

Once again, the top three companies in the study come from the telecom industry. Telecom companies faced digital disruption as early as the first decade of the 21st century, and so they were forced to develop their digital capabilities.

Two of the three telecom companies in the study have switched places. DNA ranks first this year, Telia drops to second place, while Elisa remains third. DNA’s digital performance also outweighs all the other Nordic companies in the study. It stands out with a solid performance in every digital dimension and especially with its digital marketing capabilities.

Telecom has a clear lead and excels in every digital dimension. Telecom companies rank first in four of the six digital dimensions. They have the most advanced digital product experience, e-commerce, e-CRM and mobile capabilities. In social media, the industry ranks second but only a few points behind consumer products (food). The telecom industry operates mainly online today, which requires the companies to excel in both of these dimensions , which contribute to online sales and low customer churn.

Compared with the digital forerunners , Finnish telecom companies could still improve in digital marketing, which contributes to attracting customers. The changing regulation has also set pressure on developing digital marketing capabilities.

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