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On average, the energy industry has a sufficient (6) score. It is marginally ahead of consumer products (food), and there is great room for improvement in all dimensions.

Good functionality and design on the companies’ websites results in a score that is above satisfactory in digital product experience, their best dimension.

The energy industry ranks best in e-CRM, in joint-second place with six other industries. It receives a good grade in the use of e-mail marketing, but like most firms, companies within the energy industry do not emphasize receiving feedback and the use of crowdsourcing on their websites.

In all the other dimensions, energy is among the bottom three industries, and it has the worst performance of all in social media. This is due to less presence and activity on the social media platforms compared with other industries and generally poor integration of social media activity on the company websites. There is also great room for improvement in the digital marketing dimension, where energy companies show low visibility in online marketing.

The variance between the companies in the industry is marginal. Hafslund Strøm performs well in digital product experience, due to good functionality and design of its website. Furthermore, both Lyse Energi and Hafslund Strøm perform well in the mobile dimension, due to well-optimized mobile websites and applications with good functionality.

The energy industry is currently facing increased pressure for digitalization. With the mandatory installation of smart meters in Norway, customers are expecting digital solutions for managing their power consumption and monitoring usage in real time. Hafslund Strøm, Lyse Energi and Eidsiva Marked offer functionality for following and managing consumption in their mobile applications. This also creates opportunities in terms of being able to tailor prices and products based on each household’s consumption. There will also be an increased demand for smart and connected households with the development of Internet of Things technology, which will allow the bundling of power with other products such as mobile data. However, the ease for consumers to switch between power companies to get the lowest prices and increased competition due to the consolidation of the Nordic power consumption market means there are threats as well. This gives additional incentives for energy companies to increase their digital maturity and thereby improve the customer experience.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Lyse Energi   6.5   6.5    
2 Hafslund Strøm   6.25   6.5    
3 Eidsiva Marked   6   n/a    
4 Fjordkraft   6   6.5    
5 NorgesEnergi   5.75   n/a