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Food retail

Overall, the food retail industry performs averagely in most dimensions. The exceptions are digital product experience, where the industry has the second-lowest score, and e-CRM, where it is the third-best performing industry. However, the scores in some dimensions reveal that the industry is differentiated.

Some companies within the food retail industry score significantly higher score within e-commerce, and this is due to that about half of the companies in this study offers online purchase of their products.

In recent years, online grocery shopping has increased in popularity and challenged the traditional food retailers. Online shopping increased by close to 10% in the first quarter of 2017, and online purchase of food was one of main contributors to the growth12. However, online grocery shopping only contributes to about 1% of the total turnover of the food retail industry13. Hence, digital maturity is an absolute prerequisite for online grocers if they are to challenge the well-established store-based food retailers.

Three of the companies in this study (, and Brødboksen) are pure online grocers and they score notably better in the mobile dimension compared to the traditional grocers. In addition, is the overall third best company in mobile. Compared to the other companies, they have one of the best rated mobile applications, as well as good functionality on the mobile website.

However, the traditional food retailers perform better than the online grocers in the social media dimension. The social media accounts of the well-established companies are more popular, and to increase popularity the online grocers could challenge the traditional retailers on engaging their followers.

MENY is best-in-class of the food retail companies closely followed by, and is also ranked as the number seven of all the Norwegian companies. Together with Vinmonopolet, MENY is the only food retailer that both have physical stores and offer an online purchase process. Vinmonopolet is also the overall best company in e-commerce and MENY is the overall third best company in e-CRM.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 MENY   7   n/a    
2   7   7.25    
3 Vinmonopolet   6.75   6.5    
4   6.5   6    
5 Brødboksen   6   n/a    
6 Extra   5.75   n/a    
7 KIWI   5.5   n/a    
8 REMA 1000   5.5   6