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Even though insurance is still mostly sold over the telephone and through face-to-face contact, an increasing number of customers use either the companies’ digital solutions to purchase directly or as part of their journey to become customers. This makes a high digital maturity level of increasing importance to the industry as a whole and most likely a key differentiator of the future.

Storebrand Forsikring is the overall winner within the insurance industry with Gjensidige Forsikring coming a close second. The race between the two was very close, and while Storebrand Forsikring performs better within the digital marketing and e-commerce dimensions, Gjensidige Forsikring comes out top within digital product experience and e-CRM.

The dimensions with the least amount of differentiation within the insurance industry are digital product experience and mobile. These are also the dimensions with the highest grades. This can most likely be linked back to most companies understanding the importance of digitalization as a part of the customer journey for purchasing new insurance.

When comparing insurance with the other industries in this study, social media and digital marketing stand out as the dimensions with the most room for improvement. When looking at the top-performing industries in the social media dimension, they are present on more social media platforms with verified accounts, have more engaging content and better integration of the social media platforms into their websites compared with the insurance industry. Regarding the digital marketing dimension, the main reason the insurance industry on average is lagging behind is due to some companies doing almost no digital marketing. Insurance companies should ask themselves if they could increase the number of pure digital sales by investing more and being more visible in the digital lives of their potential customers.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Storebrand Forsikring   7   7.25    
2 Gjensidige Forsikring   7   7.25    
3 IF   6.75   7    
4 SpareBank 1 Forsikring   6.5   n/a    
5 Tryg   6.5   7.25    
6 Eika Forsikring   5.75   n/a    
7 Tribe   5.75   n/a