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The media industry ranksĀ third overall, behind telecom and insurance. However, its performance in the different dimensions varies greatly. Media is the best-performing industry in two dimensions, mobile and social media, while it ranks ninth in both e-commerce and e-CRM.

The high digital maturity level in social media is a result of frequent activity on the major social media platforms. Social media has become an increasingly important channel for media companies to share content and generate traffic. This has resulted in four of the top five firms in the social media dimension being media companies. NRK is the best company with a score well above good (8.5). Although it is the public national broadcasting company, it is innovative when it comes to the use of social media. For instance, it is the only media company that uses crowdsourcing on Facebook. Furthermore, it has attracted attention by creating real social media accounts for characters in a TV show, and it used the feeds as part of the content to appeal to the target audience.

There has been a shift in the way that media is being consumed. For instance, there is growth in streaming at the expense of traditional TV consumption. Consumers can also start consuming content on one platform and switch to one or several others before they are done. This necessitates a seamless omni-channel experience and superior digital solutions. It is apparent that media companies are aware of technology and consumer trends and take them seriously. For example, they are investing in their mobile websites and applications, making them the forerunners in mobile. The three firms that belong to the Schibsted Corporation are among the top 10 companies in mobile, making Schibsted the overall winner in the dimension.

While media is the highest performing industry in mobile, there is room for improvement with regard to the total omni-channel experience. This is due to a low score in the e-commerce and e-CRM dimensions. Sales support and customer service could be improved, and consumers could be made more involved through crowdsourcing and requesting feedback on their websites, in order to build stronger customer relationships.

The technological advances and rapid changes in the way content is consumed create a need for media companies to adapt their channels and interaction with their consumers to offer a customer experience that is state-of-the-art.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1   7.5   n/a    
2 NRK   7   7.5    
3 TV2 Gruppen   6.5   6.5    
4 MTG   6.5   7    
5 Aftenposten   6.25   n/a    
6 VG   6.25   n/a    
7 Dagbladet   6.25   n/a    
8 Amedia   6   6    
9 Polaris   5.75   n/a