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Passenger transportation

The passenger transportation industry scores well in digital marketing (second best), digital product experience (second best) and social media (third best). However, it is among the bottom five industries in e-CRM and mobile. SAS and Norwegian Air Shuttle are the best-performing passenger transportation companies, ranking in fifth and sixth place overall, respectively.

Passenger transportation is one of the best industries in digital marketing. It has one of the top scores in display advertising, but all companies could increase their visibility even further. SAS is the Norwegian leader within digital marketing, due to its high online presence and visibility. It performs well in all categories in this dimension, and it is one of the few companies overall to use affiliate marketing. NSB also receives a top score in search engine marketing, but this could be due to the lack of competitors.

The passenger transportation industry also performs well in digital product experience and social media. The companies have an active presence on major social media platforms and offer well-functioning websites. However, there is room for more engaging content on their websites such as games and the inclusion of VR/AR.

Although passenger transportation is one of the industries that transitioned to digital sales channels long ago, its companies still have room for improvement regarding the purchasing process and product presentation. We also see that they are not early adopters of the latest technology, as they are among the best in sales support but have not adopted the use of chatbots, for example. In e-CRM, the industry could improve by providing more interactive FAQs and utilizing crowdsourcing.

In the mobile dimension, it seems that the high quality of the companies’ mobile applications has been at the expense of their mobile websites. For some of the companies, the mobile application has become the first and most important channel for sales in this industry. The content on the mobile websites could be better prioritized, and the functionality could be improved by having a search function on the main page.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 SAS   7.25   7.5    
2 Norwegian Air Shuttle   7.25   7.25    
3 NSB   6.75   7.25    
4 Widerøes Flyveselskap   6.5   7.5    
5 Hurtigruten   6   6.5    
6 Ruter   5.75   6.25    
7 Flytoget   5.5   6.25