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The retail companies perform well in digital product experience, and the industry is ranked second-best in e-commerce, although there is room for improvement in all dimensions.

The industry’s low performance in mobile is because only four of the 11 companies have a standalone mobile application, most of which offer limited functionality and usefulness. At the same time, all the companies perform well in most criteria when it comes to their mobile websites. This could be explained by the fact that most of the companies in the retail industry have invested in better browser-based experiences, rather than in applications, which perhaps are considered redundant. Another explanation could be that the companies are examining new technology opportunities, such as progressive web apps.

In digital marketing, the retail companies display a poor performance. It should be noted that there is a significant variance between the retail companies’ performance in this dimension, as six retailers are among the top 20 companies and three others are among the bottom 20. To improve, most of the companies need to invest in increasing their visibility through display advertising and more efficient search engine marketing. As an example, only four of the 11 companies use retargeting.

Other important areas to improve include sales support and customer service, where the companies offer low-quality live support. For instance, many retailers do not offer live chat, which pulls down the score. In e-commerce, up-selling and cross-selling functionality could be used more, and the purchasing process could be improved by introducing additional options for payment and delivery. Retail companies could also consider engaging their customers more through more interactive and engaging content on their websites, crowdsourcing and encouraging two-way communication and feedback on their websites and in social media.

Other industries should be inspired by the well-developed websites that most retailers offer, with high functionality and great user-friendliness. The retailers are also strong when it comes to e-mail marketing.

Elkjøp Norge, the overall winner from the 2017 Digital Leaders Study, remains the highest-rated retail company in Norway. It performs particularly well in digital product experience and e-commerce.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Elkjøp Norge   7   7.75    
2   7   7.75    
3 POWER   6.75   7    
4 G-SPORT   6.75   n/a    
5 XXL   6.75   6.75    
6 Vitusapotek   6.75   6.5    
7 Apotek 1   6.5   6.75    
8   6   n/a    
9 Circle K   5.5   n/a    
10 Europris   5.5   6.25    
11 Boots Apotek   5.5   n/a