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The telecom companies are the digital forerunners among Norwegian and Nordic firms. They perform at an average level or above in all dimensions and in most categories, and they are an example to follow for the other industries.

Telenor and Telia both have a score not far from good (7.5), while falls somewhat behind, especially in digital marketing, e-commerce and social media. Telia and Telenor perform better when it comes to product presentation and the ordering process, among other things. In addition, both Telia and Telenor organize hackathons.

In digital product experience, the telecom companies grade close to excellent (8.75), demonstrating impressively high digital maturity. The companies offer well-developed, appealing and easily navigable sites. Furthermore, all three companies provide engaging content that includes VR/AR, unlike most others. Product and store information is also easily available.

Even though telecom is also the best-performing industry in digital marketing, this is the dimension with most room for improvement. In this dimension, all industries consistently perform lower in comparison with the other dimensions. Telecom could become more mature in this dimension by increasing its visibility through display advertising and improving significantly in search engine marketing. Furthermore, is the only telecom company that uses retargeting.

Like many other industries, telecom could also improve its sales support and customer service by enhancing its live support, such as live chat. However, the use of customer profiles is very strong in the telecom industry, enabling great access to consumer data and valuable insights. The digital maturity level within e-commerce could be improved by increasing up-selling and cross-selling abilities, and therefore attempting to increase sales.

The telecom industry has been at the helm of digitalization so far, but modern technologies, changes in consumer behavior and rapid development mean that even the digital leaders cannot rest on their laurels. Telecom companies play an important role in realizing the new technologies related to driverless cars, the Internet of Things and everything "smart." This means they are in a position to take a leading role in establishing digital ecosystems with the relevant players.

Digital dimensions

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Telia   7.5   n/a    
2 Telenor   7.5   7.75    
3   6.25   n/a