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Banking is ranked in the lower half of the industries in this study. Its performance is at a sufficient level (6.5), just below last year’s score (6.75). It is a close race between the different banks, and all 13 receive sufficient grades between 6.25 and 6.75. The implication of this competitive landscape is that even small improvements can lead to significant differentiation. 

Banks are struggling to see results from their digitalization efforts with the industry lagging behind in many of the dimensions. Compared with other industries, banking ranks best in e-CRM (6.75), where it comes fourth, and in digital product experience (8), where it is fifth. Banks are generally good at profile management and personalization, which gives them an advantage in e-CRM. However, the industry fails to reach a higher grade than sufficient, losing its first place from last year, where it has been beaten by retail, passenger transportation and energy. 

Banking has been stagnating in digitalization, and this shows in the ranking in many of the dimensions. The industry ranks seventh or worse in four of the dimensions. The biggest challenges are within e-commerce (5.75) and social media (6), where it places 10th in both, retaining its spot in social media but dropping three places in e-commerce. Most of the banks are not able to offer live chat and are generally not good at cross-selling and up-selling of their products. Their attendance in social media is also being neglected, and they generally have a low level of activity on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. 

This year’s top-ranked company is SBAB Bank (6.75). However, the grades in the banking industry are very close and the competitors are not far behind. SBAB Bank has bettered its grade in four of the six dimensions, and this has improved its ranking from ninth place to first in one year. SEB (6.25) has done the opposite, going from first to eighth place. Nordea (6.25) has had a similar experience, dropping from fourth place to 10th. 

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 SBAB   6.75   6.5    
2 Avanza Bank   6.75   7    
3 Nordnet   6.75   n/a    
4 Ikano Bank   6.75   6.75    
5 ICA Banken   6.5   6.75    
6 Skandiabanken   6.5   7    
7 Swedbank   6.25   7    
8 SEB   6.25   7.25    
9 Länsförsäkringar Bank   6.25   6.25    
10 Nordea   6.25   7    
11 Marginalen Bank   6.25   6.25    
12 Resurs Bank   6.25   6.25    
13 Handelsbanken   6.25   6.5