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Consumer products (food)

Overall, the consumer products (food) companies have failed to improve their digital interface maturity since last year. While receiving satisfactory results in the digital product experience dimension and sufficient results in the mobile and social media dimensions, the industry is given a failed grade overall when it comes to digital marketing, e-commerce and e-CRM. 

Social media is the dimension where consumer products (food) has its best ranking, fourth out of all industries, and a score just below satisfactory (6.75). However, social media is also the dimension where the industry sees its largest drop, down from satisfactory (7.75) to sufficient (6.75). Consumer products (food) gains one position in the digital product experience dimension, advancing to seventh overall. Consumer products (food) loses places to other industries in the e-CRM, mobile and social media dimensions, coming last in both e-commerce and e-CRM. For the third consecutive year, the industry has also failed to show any significant improvement in digital marketing, a dimension highlighted in both previous studies. While consumer goods companies traditionally invest heavily in marketing, the industry fails when it comes to affiliate marketing, own media and search engine marketing, with three out of five companies scoring failed in the latter two categories. The improvement in the digital product experience dimension is mainly due to the excellent performance overall (9.25) in content and company information as well as a good score in product and store information (8.25).

Arla stands out as the best of the consumer products (food) companies in all dimensions except digital marketing and e-commerce, with an overall grade of sufficient (6.5). Arla is the industry’s strongest company in mobile and digital product experience, scoring good in both (8.5 and 8.25). However, the company gets a failed grade in digital marketing and in e-commerce where, despite poor or sufficient scores, Orkla and Scan respectively are the industry leaders in these dimensions.

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Arla   6.5   6.75    
2 Skånemejerier   5.75   6    
3 Orkla Foods   5.75   5.75    
4 Scan   5.25   5.5    
5 Lantmännen   5.25   5.75