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Credit management

The credit management industry has room for improvement in all dimensions. The dimensions where the industry performs best are digital product experience and mobile, where it is awarded a sufficient score (6.5). While its grades have improved in two of its worst-performing dimensions, mobile (5.75 to 6.5) and e-CRM (4.75 to 5.25), the industry still gets failed in the social media dimension (4.75) and drops from poor (5) to failed (4.75) in digital marketing. However, large variations exist among the companies, with Klarna getting an outstanding score in display advertising (10) and Collector Bank receiving failed in the same category (4). 

Collector Bank leaps two places and overtakes Klarna as the industry leader, both gaining a sufficient grade (6.25). This improvement is due to a strong lift in the e-CRM and mobile dimensions, both going from poor (5 and 5.25) to satisfactory (7). Intrum Justitia, the top performer two years ago, fell last year to second place and again this year to third place, losing out to its competitors in every dimension except digital product experience, where it retains its second spot.

Comparing the results from this year’s study with those of the previous two years, credit management is still behind other industries in Sweden in terms of broadly addressing digitalization. The low level of digital maturity within the credit management industry gives companies the opportunity to set themselves apart from competitors by strengthening in key dimensions and differentiate themselves by improving the customer experience by means of digital efforts.

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Collector Bank   6.25   5.25    
2 Klarna   6.25   6    
3 Intrum Justitia   5.25   5.5    
4 Lindorff   5.25   5