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Energy gets a satisfactory grade (6.75) this year and has made an improvement in the industry ranking, climbing from sixth to fourth place to overtake both passenger transportation (6.75) and media (6.5). The only industries that perform better than energy are telecom (B2B) (7.25), telecom (B2C) (7.25) and retail (7). 

The energy industry is ranked in the top three in three of the six dimensions: digital product experience (8.25), e-CRM (7) and social media (7). It has also improved its ranking in four of the dimensions: digital marketing, digital product experience, mobile and social media, which explains its high industry ranking. However, the energy industry has not improved its grade significantly; the only dimension where it has performed better is digital product experience, where the score has risen from 7.75 to 8.25 since last year. This increase can be explained by improvements in functionality and design and in content and company information.

E-commerce (6) and mobile (7.25) are two dimensions in which energy is struggling compared with other industries, placing eighth and seventh respectively. The decrease in these dimensions over the past year and the low grades can be largely explained by the companies’ insufficient live help as well as low implementation of cross-selling and up-selling. The low scores in both dimensions indicate that there is a lot of potential here to improve the energy industry’s ranking even more in the coming years. 

The 2018 digital leader in the energy industry is Vattenfall (7), improving from last year (6.75) and also overtaking last year’s winner, E.ON (6.75). Vattenfall outperforms its competitors E.ON and Fortum in digital marketing, digital product experience, e-commerce and mobile. However, even though its grades in these categories have improved, Vattenfall receives a lower grade than last year in both social media and e-CRM, losing ground to its competitors in the latter.

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Vattenfall   7   6.75    
2 E.ON   6.75   7.25    
3 Fortum   6.5   6.5