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Food retail

Swedish food retailers have improved in three of the six dimensions, with major gains in digital product experience and e-commerce. However, major drops in digital marketing and e-CRM results in food retail receiving the same sufficient grade (6.75) as in 2017. Food retail’s climb in the ranking is attributed to a drop in scores among many other industries.

The most significant gain is in digital product experience, with all companies improving in the category. The largest improvement comes from Systembolaget, which also performs best in this dimension. The stronger results are down to an overall improvement in the content and company information and product and store information categories. 

The advancement in e-commerce stems from Hemköp’s impressive improvement in the dimension. Although it still ranks last in the dimension, Hemköp has improved in all categories and is right behind ICA in the e-commerce ranking. ICA’s e-commerce score has dropped most out of all food retail companies, with significantly lower grades in the product presentation and purchasing process categories. A smaller selection of delivery and payment options weakens the purchasing process score, and no utilization of cross-selling and up-selling lowers the product presentation score.

ICA is again the best-performing food retail company this year, despite a drop in its overall grade to satisfactory (7) and the competition is closing in; Systembolaget, which comes second, almost took first place, improving its grade to satisfactory (7).

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 ICA   7   7.5    
2 Systembolaget   7   6.75    
3 Willys   6.75   6.75    
4 Coop   6.5   7    
5 Hemköp   6.5   5.25    
6 City Gross   6.25   6.5