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In terms of digital marketing, insurance companies have higher grades on average (5.5) than other financial industries such as banking (5) and credit management (4.75). Länsförsäkringar takes the lead in the insurance industry, followed by Trygg-Hansa, both with a sufficient grade (6.50). Last year’s winner, If, drops to third (6.25), largely driven by a reduction in digital marketing. However, the spread of results is small, with all companies gaining a sufficient score. 

Although the industry overall shows a downward trend in digital marketing, results in the remaining dimensions fluctuate only slightly. Digital product experience (7.25) and mobile (6.5) are two dimensions where the insurance industry is graded highest overall. In fact, all companies but one have increased their digital product experience grade. Länsförsäkringar is the forerunner for both dimensions, with satisfactory (7.75) and good (8) grades for digital product experience and mobile respectively, taking over the overall number one spot among insurance companies. However, these dimensions develop rapidly and have a high maturity level for all industries in the study, leaving the insurance industry second to last in the digital product experience and last in the mobile dimensions. Lastly, although it is the dimension where insurance scores best in relation to other industries, digital marketing is the least mature dimension overall for the insurance industry, followed by social media. 

Looking at the individual companies, the discrepancy between the top and bottom players is most prevalent for the e-CRM and mobile dimensions, with Trygg-Hansa gaining a satisfactory score (7) in e-CRM and Länsförsäkringar a good (8) grade in the mobile dimension, largely due to its mobile website scoring excellent (9). Conversely, Moderna Försäkringar trails its competitors, with a failed grade in e-CRM (4.25), and If receives a poor score (5) in mobile.

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Länsförsäkringar   6.5   6.75    
2 Trygg-Hansa   6.5   6.75    
3 If   6.25   6.5    
4 Skandia   6.25   6.75    
5 Moderna Försäkringar   6   5.75