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In total, digital maturity within the manufacturing industry is at a sufficient level. Digital product experience and mobile are the dimensions where the manufacturing industry performs best and is awarded a satisfactory grade. The industry gets a sufficient score for e-commerce and social media, but it receives a poor or failed grade in the other dimensions.

In terms of grades, the manufacturing industry performs worse than last year in every dimension except e-commerce and e-CRM. The improvement in performance from a poor (5.5) to a sufficient (6.25) grade results in seventh place in the e-commerce dimension this year compared with last year’s 11th. The small improvement in the e-CRM dimension does not result in a better ranking and the manufacturing industry ends up in 10th position once again.

Looking at the individual companies, Electrolux is this year’s top performer. Both Electrolux and last year’s best industry performer, Volvo Cars, which is ranked second this year, receive a satisfactory grade. The main reason for Electrolux and Volvo Cars switching place is Electrolux’s improved performance within the e-commerce dimension and Volvo Cars’ one grade drop in both digital marketing and social media. In terms of ranking, Volvo Group is the company that has improved most in the industry, jumping from sixth place to third. 

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Electrolux   7.25   7    
2 Volvo Cars   7   7.25    
3 Volvo Group   6.75   7.25    
4 Husqvarna   6.5   6.5    
5 Sandvik   6.25   6.5    
6 Atlas Copco   6.25   6.5    
7 ABB   6.25   6.25    
8 Scania   6.25   6    
9 SKF   6.25   6.5    
10 Tetra Pak   5.75   6.25    
11 Alfa Laval   5.75   5.75    
12 Ericsson   5.75   5.75    
13 Trelleborg   5.75   5.25    
14 Autoliv   5   5.25