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The media industry has had a bit of a setback this year, dropping from fifth to seventh place and being overtaken by both energy (6.75) and food retail (6.75). A weaker performance than last year in digital marketing, e-commerce,  mobile and social media has led to lower grades and ranking. In spite of the significant drop in social media score, media retains its position as the leading industry in this dimension, with telecom (B2C) closing in (7.25). 

Looking at the individual enterprises, five of the eight media companies rank in the top 10 in the social media dimension. MTG (8.25) is the best-performing company in this dimension, closely followed by TV4 (8.25). The mobile dimension is also one of media’s (7.75) strongest areas: it ranks fourth this year, but the industry is not far behind passenger transportation (7.75), manufacturing (7.75) and food retail (8). Media has also improved its ranking in e-CRM (6.75) from seventh place to fifth, which could be explained by the generally high scores in profile management and personalization.

The greatest challenge for media amongst industry competitors is digital product experience, ranking 11th, placing them in second to last. Media companies have not managed to develop a satisfying search functionality, and they are also missing a lot of valuable company and product information.

Spotify (7.25) is the strongest-performing company in the media industry followed Com Hem (7) and Aller media (6.75). Aller media has performed impressively in terms of digitalization over the past year. It has stepped up from eighth place to fourth in the media industry and is the only company to improve its overall score. This impressive gain is due to strong improvements in digital product experience, e-commerce and e-CRM, going from a poor to a satisfactory grade (5 to 7). The improved grade is the result of implementing a live chat service and better profile management and personalization of its website.


Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Spotify   7.25   7.25    
2 Com Hem   7   7.25    
3 Aller media   6.75   6.25    
4 Sveriges Television   6.5   7.25    
5 Bonnier   6.5   7    
6 TV4   6.5   7    
7 MTG   6.5   6.5    
8 Viasat   6.25   7