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Swedish retail companies remain strong when it comes to offering well-designed digital interactions to their customers. Only the telecom (B2C) and telecom (B2B) industries perform better, which gives retail third place overall.

Retail companies score lower than last time in the digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile and social media dimensions. However, Swedish retail companies have maintained their competitiveness with other industries in digital product experience (8.25) and e-CRM (7.25). This is especially the case within the digital product experience dimension, where all companies show a good performance ranging from 8 to 8.75. 

Social media and mobile are the two dimensions where the retail industry performs below the B2C average. Though retaining a satisfactory score, the retail industry has improved its relative performance in the mobile dimension, moving from 10th to ninth overall. 

Though dropping from an overall good (8) to a satisfactory score (7.5), Qliro Group still retains its position as the best-performing retail company. Last year’s runner-up, Clas Ohlson, also retains its spot, while Axstores, having climbed four places from 2017, comes in third. Axstores’ climb is mainly driven by improvements in digital marketing, where the company receives a good grade (8.25), and in content and company information (9) and in product and store information (9.25), where it scores excellent in both.

Digital marketing remains the dimension where Swedish retail companies show the largest potential for improvement compared with other industries, even more so given their worse performance this year, going from sufficient (6.25) to poor (5.50).

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Qliro Group   7.5   8    
2 Clas Ohlson   7.5   8    
3 Axstores   7.25   7.25    
4 Netonnet   7.25   7.5    
5 Apoteket AB   7.25   7    
6 Elgiganten   7.25   7    
7 IKEA   7   7.75    
8 Apotek Hjärtat   7   7    
9 H&M   7   7.25    
10 Byggmax   6.5   7    
11 Stadium   6.5   6.75    
12 Dustin   6.5   7.25    
13 XXL   6.5   7    
14 K-rauta   6.25   6.25