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Telecom (B2B)

Telecom (B2B) (7.25) has improved its position this year and moved up to first place, passing telecom (B2C) (7.25). Telecom (B2B) has improved its grade in three of the six dimensions: digital product experience (8.25), e-commerce (8.5) and e-CRM (6.5), explaining the improved ranking. 

Telecom (B2B) performs well in relative terms, reaching the top position in e-commerce, which is due to excellent scores for the purchasing process and clear information about voice channel support. Digital marketing is another dimension where telecom (B2B) ranks highly, coming in second. However, although it performs well in relation to other industries, telecom (B2B) only gets a sufficient grade (6.5) in this dimension. This shows many improvements can still be made in digital marketing, even for the best-ranked industries. Telecom (B2B) has bettered its e-CRM ranking this year (6.5), although the grade shows there is still room for improvement. 

Being active in social media is a must these days, even for B2B industries. This year, however, telecom (B2B) falls from sixth to ninth place in this dimension, going from a satisfactory to a sufficient grade (7.25 to 6.25). Low activity in all types of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, is the main reason for this. On the other hand, the social media content is good, and this is important to its followers. The telecom (B2B) score has also fallen in the mobile dimension from 8 to 7.75. The weak link is mobile websites, which have not been sufficiently prioritized. 

The best-performing telecom (B2B) company is Telia B2B (7.5), which is ranked first of all the companies in this study. This is an improvement for Telia B2B, which ranked fifth out of all companies last year. Not surprisingly, Telia B2B has also kept its first place in the industry from last year, although Tele2 B2B (7.5) is not far behind. Telenor B2B has trouble keeping up with the others this year, requiring improvement in e-CRM (5.5) and social media (5.75), where the grades are poor.

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Telia B2B   7.5   7.75    
2 Tele2 B2B   7.5   7.5    
3 3 B2B   7.25   7    
4 Telenor B2B   7.25   7