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Telecom (B2C)

Telecom (B2C) (7.25) is the highest-ranking industry in digital marketing (6.75) and second highest in digital product experience (8.25) and social media (7.25). The high rankings put telecom (B2C) in first place in the B2C sector and in second place in the overall industry ranking. Telecom (B2C) was the top-ranked industry overall in 2015 and 2017, but it has been surpassed this year by Telecom (B2B) (7.25).  

Telecom (B2C) has been falling behind in the mobile dimension and has dropped from first place (8.25) to sixth place (7.75) this year. The weaker grade could be explained by the lack of features on the companies’ mobile applications and mobile sites. Telecom (B2C) is also struggling with e-CRM (6.25), where the industry is ranked eighth, below the B2C average. E-CRM is a dimension where telecom (B2C) has its greatest improvement potential, with only one firm, Telia B2C scoring satisfactory grade (7) in this dimension.

There is a close race between the three best-performing telecom (B2C) companies, all of which receive satisfactory grades. The top-performing telecom (B2C) company this year is Tele2 B2C (7.5). Its performance is even strong enough to place it in the top three of all the companies evaluated in the study. Second place is taken by Telia B2C, last year’s top-graded company in the industry. This risk of companies falling behind if they do not continuously invest to improve their digital customer interactions is illustrated by Telia B2C dropping its score from 9 to 7.5 in social media this year.

Industry reports

Digital leaders

    2018   2017    
1 Tele2 B2C   7.5   7.5    
2 Telia B2C   7.5   8    
3 3 B2C   7   7.25    
4 Telenor B2C   6.75   6.75