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In the face of ongoing disruption in the financial sector and unbundling threats posed by smaller fintech start-up, banks in Switzerland have had a good performance in the digital space.

With an overall grade of 5.25, Banking is just behind Retail (5.75) and at the same level with General Insurance in the overall digitalization ranking.

The performance is excellent in the dimension of Digital Product Experience (7.25), which means that their online presence is best positioned to meet the expectations of the customers in terms of clarity, ease of use, and convenience. Digital Marketing – with its categories: display advertisement, search engine marketing, and affiliate marketing – is the dimension with the greatest improvement potential, showing that this has not been central to the banks’ strategies in 2017.

Looking at the achieved score of 5.25 in the e-CRM area, it becomes evident that banks have started to understand the importance of knowing the customers better than they used to do before and engaging them in the digital channels. This is confirmed by the high-score achieved in Mobile (7.25), showing that banks have understood the need of their clients to have convenient mobile access to their banking services.

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