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Consumer Products

Consumer Product companies in Switzerland enjoy a good environment driven by the generally higher willingness to pay and stronger buying power of the Swiss customers. However, this does not exempt these players from competing to reach a bigger share of the market. They need to adjust to the new digitalization realities, and some companies are already well underway in reaching their digital customers.

With a grade of 4.00 points overall (all digital dimensions regarded) the consumer product industry has performed best in Digital Product Experience (6.00) and has the weakest performance in e-Commerce. Companies in this industry usually present customers a thoughtfully organized online presence with useful information about the brands, products they are selling and points of sale they operate. On the e-Commerce side, while all have recognized the need to allow customers to perform purchases online, consumer product companies can improve the experience of their customers by streamlining the purchasing process and improving (by personalizing) their customer support services.



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