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Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Switzerland is facing the challenge of sharing the rather small market with a rather large number of competitors. For this reason, the amount of data available for collection and analysis to infer trends and preferences among customers might be limited. Nevertheless, health insurers have put in motion a wide range of initiatives to keep-up with the digitalization wave. Their overall digitalization score (4.75) shows that while they are aware of today’s potential of digital, insurers need to find new ways of reaching their digital customers.

The best performing area is Mobile (6.75) showing that the mobile presence (mobile website and app) is successfully meeting the expectations of the customers in terms of functionalities required on the go. In terms of Digital Product Experience, health insurers have recognized the imperative to provide an outstanding experience to their online visitors, but could still publish more informative material to help potential customers understand the benefits of the insurance products and to connect with them in a more personal way.

A weaker performance has been observed in Digital Marketing, e-Commerce and e-CRM. While own media seems to be the one most insurers focus on, they have the opportunity to leverage affiliate marketing, display advertising and search engine marketing to their full potential in order to improve the rating on this dimension. In e-Commerce and e-CRM, the challenge health insurers have in the next period is to find ways of understanding their customers better, on a personal level, and identify the service, product or simply customer relationship treat which will ensure their loyalty and discourage switching.

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