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The industrial companies averaged at 3.75, showing the great potential they have in using the digital technologies and channels to promote their offerings. Some have started addressing end consumers (customers of their customers) by allowing product configurators on their websites or by allowing marketing elements to be integrated into their products or services.

The best performing digital dimension in the industrial context is Digital Product Experience (6.25). Companies have not been shy in providing complete and useful information on the products they sell - like technical parameters, usage specification, delivery options and ways these products can be integrated in the environment where they are used and which part they can play in a digital ecosystem (shopping while travelling, reading news or watching commercials while moving inside a building). To complete this initiative, of making industrial products accessible to customers and end consumers, industry players have adjusted their online presence for the mobile use. As such, Mobile received an average of 5.25 and Social Media 4.50, confirming the commitment of the industry to engage end consumers.

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