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Passenger Transportation is one of the industries in Switzerland with an outstanding reputation of quality, punctuality and customer friendliness. Besides Watches & Luxury, Mobility is another industry at the intersection of tradition and digitalization, where some players have managed to produce wonders, and others are catching up fast. The Swiss public transportation system is one of the best in the world and the good results among our digitalization dimensions explain why.

As an industry, whose customers are “on the go” it is not surprising that the best performing digital dimension is Mobile (6.75). The players in this business have developed robust apps and mobile websites allowing customers to buy e-tickets and find other travel-related services in a fast and convenient way. In line with this achievement, the Digital Product Experience dimension is also rated satisfactory (6.50) for just a look at the online presence of the transportation companies analyzed convinces the potential traveler to get ready for travel. The large number of integrated offers (travelling and skiing or travelling in groups) ensure a highly attractive experience for any customer looking for travel itineraries.

The lagging digital dimension is Digital Marketing (3.00). While one might explain this by stating that some players are established and need less advertising, the truth is mobility has developed largely over the last years from a simple transportation service provider to integrated mobility or multimodal transportation, which allows for new exchanges of value between the mobile players and other service providers. This ecosystem generates new possibilities and new offerings, which could vastly benefit from a more intensive marketing and promotion as customers get accustomed to mixing travelling with other experiences available on the go (shopping, planning vacations, reading news, managing business engagements and many others).

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