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Retail is the big winner of the study and the industry which is best adjusted to the digital realities of today. Only half a point ahead of Banking and Insurance, Retail has obtained 5.75 points in our study and has the best performance across the 6 digital dimensions analyzed.

It is an established trend, we would not be wrong to call it a habit, for customers to shop online and shop while on the go. Acknowledging this fact, retailers have invested a great deal of effort in allowing customers to get information about products and purchase them via mobile. In this respect, the best performing digital dimension was Mobile (7.25). The leading retailers have made it easy for customers to find what they need and buy their preferred products attracting them with an outstanding experience when navigating the catalogues. This is also confirmed by the high score in Digital Product Experience (7) as well as e-CRM (6). Retailers track the behavior of their customers on the digital platforms, go at length to get to know them and their preferences and lock them in with personalized offers.

Somewhat surprising is lagging e-Commerce dimension (3.75). While browsing of products and purchasing them online has reached a mature status, the experience of retail customers could still be improved by streamlining the check-out process and improving the customer support services. In other words, retailers are doing an amazing job attracting customers and convincing them to buy, but the last mile of actually buying and following up on the purchase must be focused on in the period ahead.

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