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Watches & Luxury

Watches and Luxury, a traditional Swiss area of competence and outstanding products, receives a place among the top ranked industries, with a score of 4.75. While one might argue that the potential for digital improvement is limited (traditional mechanical watches are and will remain a symbol of Swiss quality and good taste, jewelry as well) companies in this area have the opportunity to boost their marketing and sales digital channels and allow their customers outstanding experiences prior, during and after buying such products.

The best performing digital dimension is, as one might expect, that of Digital Product Experience (6.75). Companies in this industry have given special attention to their website and online presentation of their products, services and selling points by creating impressive designs, functional pages, making it easy for interested visitors to find a local store or get in touch on a multitude of channels.

Social Media is the next best performing dimension (5.50) and this is not surprising, considering that products in this industry are often marketed via word-of-mouth, where feedback, opinions and experience sharing are very important. Less surprising is the fact that e-Commerce has the greatest potential for improvement. With a score of 3.75, this dimension suffers from an inherent difficulty, as watches and luxury items require a personal experience and trying out the objects in the store prior to purchasing them. This is compensated by a stronger performance in Mobile (5), confirming the statement we started with, that even traditionally less digital products must become visible on digital channels, especially the ones users are mostly present on.



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