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The healthcare industry ranks seventh overall in our 2018 study, though some hospital websites have been updated to reflect digital customers' new expectations. The healthcare industry is the worst industry in the mobile, digital marketing and e-CRM dimensions.

All the hospitals and clinics we analyzed in this study are making an effort to establish a social media presence. Most of them post health tips or organize health-related competitions to promote healthy habits to their customers. They also announce new doctors and new machines they have purchased, as a means of promoting their services. These companies' websites are generally well designed and visually pleasing.

Despite this, healthcare companies' mobile strategies remain in an early stage. Many websites are not yet optimized for mobile devices, and only two of these companies have developed mobile applications allowing customers to make appointments or consult their medical records.

While healthcare companies' websites are well designed, none of them offer a digital marketplace allowing customers to browse the services offered, along with prices and reviews. The closest thing currently available is a list of all the doctors and departments in an establishment, along with a phone number. Some offer an online form to book an appointment online, but such features are highly limited and cannot be used to conduct operations exclusively online.

Not one of the companies in the study responded to our written requests for information, nor did any of them provide an FAQ page to help answer customers' questions. None of the sites offer users the option to create an account to track their interactions with a given company, and no personalization options are offered.

Even though hospitals are active on social media, they do not invest at all in digital marketing. Only one advertisement for one hospital was observed during the entire study. Websites are not optimized for search engines, and none of the companies use affiliate programs.

To conclude, none of the healthcare companies in the sample have really begun their digital transformations yet. They rely heavily on old, traditional methods to conduct business; the whole industry needs to start its digitalization. However, nothing seems to be pushing them in this direction for the time being.

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