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The insurance industry has the lowest average score of all industries, as well as the lowest average score for digital product experience, e-commerce, and social media.

UAE insurance companies still have websites with an extremely poor digital experience, as their designs are usually messy and do not include a proper search function. Moreover, virtually none of the sites are optimized for mobile, and only half of the insurance companies have a mobile application to help their customers manage their claims or renew their contracts.

In addition, similar to the healthcare companies, insurance companies are not investing money in digital marketing. None of the companies are using affiliate programs, and only one is buying digital advertising space on a popular website to promote its products. Some companies, however, are using search engine marketing to capture some customers and promoting individual insurance products through microsites. Most insurance companies also lack a social media presence, with one exception—a company organizing sports competitions to promote healthy habits among UAE citizens.

Lastly, the most preoccupying dimensions are e-commerce and e-CRM. As is the case with banks, it is impossible to buy any insurance product online. While an option to receive a quote online is provided, this option leads to an online form for a salesperson to contact the potential customer. None of the insurance companies have an FAQ page, and most of the companies didn’t answer our written requests. There are no customization or personalization options for online services, nor can one subscribe to newsletters to be kept up to date regarding these companies' activities.

All in all, the insurance industry in the UAE, like the healthcare industry, has yet to begin the digitalization process, owing in part to a lack of external pressure to do so. Companies should nonetheless consider bringing more of their services into the digital world as customers' expectations for these services continue to grow.

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