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Most logistics companies have not yet started their digital transformations. While the industry ranks third in e-CRM, it ranks among the bottom three companies for the remaining dimensions.

The logistics companies have strong customer service; most answer was written queries within one business day and offer a phone number and an extensive FAQ to help answer customers' questions. Furthermore, their digital platforms allow logged-in customers to personalize many aspects of their experience. However, none of the companies has a loyalty program or sends out a newsletter to keep customers up to date.

Logistics companies' websites are characterized by a boring, outdated look and feel. Information on the sites is poorly organized. Only one company, the leader in digitalization for the industry, has a website with a modern design that displays properly on both mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, half the companies do not offer mobile applications in the UAE market—they may have offerings available in other parts of the world, but the UAE is currently not well covered by this kind of service. Their online shops are also underdeveloped; customers need to either call several different phone numbers in order to perform online operations or simply visit a physical location.

Digital marketing and social media are underused by the logistics industry. None of the companies are using affiliate programs to promote their services, nor do they use display advertising or search engine marketing to present themselves to potential customers. Only one logistics company uses microsites to promote its campaigns. Regarding social media, most logistics companies have no social media presence in the UAE; the one company that does have a social media account limits its use to basic customer support.

Overall, except one company which has begun the process, most of the logistics companies in the UAE have yet to take their first steps toward a digital transformation. All these companies should make greater use of the promotional tools offered by the internet. Competition in this industry is increasing, as some newcomers are arriving with fresh ideas and strong digital services to fulfill the needs of customers in the region.



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