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The news industry ranks fourth in our study. It receives high scores in some areas while lagging behind in others, especially in e-commerce and digital marketing.

News companies are putting a lot of effort into managing their social media channels, earning the industry the third best average score in that dimension. All articles and news items are posted on different channels to direct readers to their website or mobile applications. The industry's scores in digital experience and mobile are sufficient. While the websites and apps work well, they continue to use outdated, boring designs. These companies' websites are also packed full of advertisements, leaving a negative impression on readers. Information can be difficult to find on these websites owing to their lack of well-developed search features.

In addition to their social media channels, news companies also offer newsletters on different topics that customers can receive every day. Most websites and applications also allow readers to create an account to personalize their experience and select the topics that interest them most.

Except on their own platforms, where news companies cross-reference related articles and news products being offered, news companies engage in almost no marketing. They do not spend money on display advertising or affiliate programs and their search engine marketing strategies are virtually non-existent.

Also of interest is the fact that three out of four news companies included in the study continue to sell hard copies of their newspapers, but buying or subscribing to them online is extremely difficult.

In conclusion, while news companies understand the importance of social media to attract customers to their platforms, they do not take advantage of the opportunity to sell physical copies of their newspapers online. They could also improve the user experience by offering paid online subscriptions that would hide advertisements, enhancing the sites' readability.



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