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The telecom industry ranks highest after the airline industry in every dimension except for e-CRM, where the telecom industry itself is the leader. That said, despite taking second place in digital marketing and e-commerce, telecom companies are far from being on the same level as the two airline companies.

UAE telecom companies lead the e-CRM dimension with outstanding customer service. They respond rapidly to written queries and requests, and even offer a real-time chat option to support their customers. Personalization of the customer experience is positive and well thought out. However, they do not have a clear loyalty program, nor were we able to find newsletters that customers could subscribe to for offers and the latest information on these companies.

Telecom companies have succeeded in developing attractive, usable websites that work well on both mobile and desktop devices. They also offer mobile applications which empower their customers to manage and monitor the services they use. However, their e-commerce abilities are lacking—customers must visit these companies' physical locations to buy a new mobile phone or purchase a service contract.

Telecom companies in the UAE understand the importance of social media in retaining customers and promoting their products, but, their digital marketing strategy lacks some foundational elements. Though one of the companies is using an affiliate marketing program, and both companies are using their own media to create marketing campaigns, neither company invests in display advertising or search engine marketing at all. As there are only two well-known telecom companies in the country, it is understandable that they are not investing in their visibility through these channels, but they could be used to promote specific products and gain market share over their competitors.

Overall, telecom companies have a decent level of digital maturity, allowing them to offer a solid digital experience to their customers. Even so, they should invest more in e-commerce strategies to allow customers to more easily purchase their products and services. Moreover, these companies could also invest in digital marketing to win some market share over their competitors.

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